Monday, 9 February 2015

Born Pretty Store BP-L 007 Stamping Plate

Just in case there is even the slightest chance that you haven't noticed yet, Born Pretty Store have well and truly stepped up their stamping plate game. So I tried a few of the standard Born Pretty Plates recently and they were fab and this time I am trying out one of their large plates. 

The shape, style and packaging are very reminiscent of MoYou plates (look how pretty that packaging is) although the plates themselves are slightly wider and taller than the MoYou plates I own and the images are larger too.

It's a strange mix of designs on the plate with wallpaper type images in styles from Moroccan to peacock and then the most recognisable smaller images being Attack on Titan, Ferrari and the German Empire (Strange image to use but hey, I remembered something from school wooo). I'm still hoping that Born Pretty kick it up another notch still and like MoYou, do plates with a theme rather than just a random mix of patterns.

When I saw the wallpapery type designs, I instantly though of the Sherlock wallpaper. OK, so none of them match the wallpaper perfectly but I decided I wanted to do a remake of my Sherlock nails from January last year. I didn't do them exact but I did redo the Cumberbatch Sherlock silhouette.

I tried 2 different styles. The first one was using a base of Models Own Hypergel White Light and I stamped using Barry M Mushroom. I really like this design, it makes for some very elegant looking nail art but it doesn't quite get anywhere near to the Sherlock wallpaper.

So I tried a different one. This time I used Ciate Cookies and Cream as the base, which is the perfect nude by the way, and again I stamped with Barry M Mushroom. This pattern matched a bit better and seemed a bit darker, bringing it closer to the target.

Of course, I couldn't resist doing a shiny, shiny red Ferrari mani. My camera doesn't like the bright red so all the other colours in the photo went weird but oooooh shiiiinnnnyyyy!

The plate quality is superb. The designs are etched perfectly and the images pick up very well with no imperfections in the images. Although the images are larger than a standard MoYou plate image, the images on the Born Pretty plate just barely fit on my nails at the length they are but I would consider them to be quite long at the moment anyway.

I am looking forward to trying more of the Born Pretty Stamping plates and also to see what they do in the future, fingers crossed they do themed plates!

You can buy this stamping plate here for £3.93 ($5.99) but you should definitely check out all the other Born Pretty stamping plates here, they have some awesome plates at fab prices and don't forget when you buy some of them, use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire order.


*The stamping plate in this post was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinion.

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